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"Over the last five years, I have had the privilege to travel all over the world sharing my entrepreneurial story with many different people. It's a story of passion, resilience, creativity and reinvention. I look forward to the year ahead and continuing to tell my story of a shopkeeper's adventure."

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Jo Malone CBE – Founder and Creative Director of Jo Loves, Internationally renowned Speaker, Entrepreneur and Global Scent Maverick 

Jo Malone CBE, an acclaimed "English scent maverick," has achieved global recognition for her exceptional fragrances. Originally a facial therapist, Jo's love for fragrance emerged while working from her London home-based skin care clinic. Word quickly spread about her remarkable handmade potions, leading to the establishment of her cult-status brand, Jo Malone London. After selling the business to Estée Lauder Companies in 1999, Jo remained as Creative Director until 2006 when she left the brand completely. Jo is no longer associated with the Jo Malone London brand or Jo Malone London products. 

In 2011, driven by her unwavering passion for fragrance, Jo launched her new brand, Jo Loves. This brand embodies integrity, creativity, and innovation, offering a diverse range of scents, bath and body products, candles, and lifestyle fragrances. Inspired by memories and cherished moments, Jo Loves continues to expand globally across various product categories. 

Jo's creative process is a source of excitement and surprise, with fragrances often leading her on unexpected paths. Guided by her sense of smell, Jo takes inspiration from everyday scents that evoke emotions and memories. Whether it's the scent of her husband's cologne, freshly washed linen, or family holidays, Jo's fragrances captivate through their uniqueness and personal connection. 

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Recognised for her contributions to the beauty industry and services to the British economy, Jo was honoured with an MBE in 2008 and CBE 10-years later. From her humble beginnings in government-subsidized housing to her triumph over dyslexia and battles with breast cancer, Jo's story serves as a testament to her resilience and creativity. 

In addition to her business ventures, Jo actively engages in consumer public relations and frequently appears on radio and television. Her expertise and entrepreneurial insights make her a sought-after international speaker, sharing her knowledge and passion for fragrance. 

Jo’s enduring dedication to the art of fragrance continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. Her legacy in the industry is marked by her distinctive scents and the impact she has made as an entrepreneurial trailblazer.  

She feels this chapter of her life is proving to be the most creative and exciting, every day is an adventure full of passion, resilience and creativity. 

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