We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet wherever we can, and one way we are doing this is by giving you the option to opt out of our gift wrap to reduce the amount of resources used. Your products will arrive packed in our fully recyclable cardboard outer boxes, with biodegradable chips to make sure they arrive in perfect condition.
If you are purchasing a special gift for someone you will of course still have the option to receive it in a gift box.

We are always working on more ways to increase the sustainability of Jo Loves, and if there are specific initiatives you’d like to see from us please let us know!

All of our products are lovingly made right here in the UK.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

All Jo Loves products are vegan with the exception of our shampoo, conditioner and White Rose & Lemon Leaves luxury, home and personalised candles which contain a bee derived product. We never test any of our products or their ingredients on animals, nor do we commission or condone any such testing to be done on our behalf.

Made in the UK

All of our products are lovingly made right here in the UK.


We have reinvented the Fragrance Paintbrush™ concept to be more sustainable with a new slimmer, silver design that puts re-usability at the forefront.

The New Next Generation Fragrance Paintbrush™ has a refillable cartridge which carries the fragranced gel. Top it up by separately purchasing a Refill Set when you are running out. Each Refill Set contains 3x7ml  fragrance cartridges.

In keeping with the brand’s commitment to put sustainability and reusability at the forefront, our Fragrance Diffusers can easily be reused by topping up with Jo Loves Fragrance Oil Refills or be creatively transformed into something entirely new, such as a vase or pencil holder.

Recycling our products

We have highlighted below which of our products can be recycled, are sourced from recyclable materials or are biodegradable, and where we are currently working to improve our resource efficiency:

Outer Packaging: All our boxes, cartons and sleeves (with the exception of our box/bag) are made of fully recyclable paper. 

Ribbon: We are in the process of transitioning all of our red ribbon to be made from 100% recycled plastic collected from the ocean.

Online Orders: Our outer cartons are recyclable, the chips inside are fully biodegradable. All DPD parcel deliveries are zero carbon, and the delivery boxes are 100% recyclable.

Candles: If the candle glass is fully cleaned these are recyclable. The lids are re-usable.

Body Crème & Bath Cologne: The glass jars are recyclable.

 A Hand Wash, A Bath & Shower Gel & A Body Lotion: These bottles can be recycled and go through normal household waste. The recycling number on the base of the bottles will be 7 which stands for ‘other’ and in the waste process can therefore be mixed with different plastics that have the same number (e.g. acrylic, nylon, polycarbonate).

Next Generation Fragrance Paintbrush™: Instead of repurchasing a new Fragrance Paintbrush™ component each time you run out, you can buy a Refill Set instead and use the 3 refillable cartridges to top-up your component