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A Fragrance Paintbrush™ Refill

No.42 The Flower Shop

Refill your Fragrance Paintbrush™ with the No.42 The Flower Shop Refill Set, featuring 3x7ml fragrance cartridges that capture the enchanting scent of a flower shop, with notes of green stems, peonies, muguet, iris, and white musk, evoking memories of early mornings spent surrounded by the fresh, vibrant blooms.
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No.42 The Flower Shop

A Fragrance Paintbrush™ Refill

No.42 The Flower Shop

3 x 7ml

No.42 The Flower Shop

the atmosphere

Flower shops, early mornings and memories

The fragrance starts with a fresh and vibrant blend of green notes, complemented by delicate peonies and juicy mandarin. As the scent evolves, delicate muguet and creamy, narcissus-like nuances mingle with soft, enveloping white flowers, creating a captivating floral heart. Anchoring the composition, earthy iris, warm white musk, mossy tones, and rich patchouli lend depth and complexity, resulting in an elegant and grounding fragrance.

fragrance notes

Top: Green Notes, Peonies, Mandarin Juice. Middle: Muguet, Narcisse, White Flowers. Base: Iris, White Musk, Moss, Pachouli.
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A Fragrance Paintbrush™ Refill

3 x 7ml


1005 plant-based ingredients


Hand luggage sized


FSC certified packaging


Never tested on animals

''As a sixteen-year-old, I worked as a florist in Elizabeth Street and loved the moment when early each morning the scent of fresh flowers filled the room. This fragrance celebrates that magical memory.''

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A stunning bouquet of fresh, fragrant blooms and crushed green leaves for flower lovers everywhere. Effortlessly bottling the scent of a flower shop.

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